Now Carrying Reusable CAUS Products

We should all (hopefully) know by now that Planet Earth has a major plastic problem. We should also all be doing our best to cut down on our individual plastic consumption, even though on a systemic level, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions and the most powerful thing we can do is elect politicians who priotize tackling climate change. We can’t force all companies to become Green New Deal friendly overnight or fill Washington D.C. with representatives who actually give a damn about the impending climate crisis (if only), but we can take small steps, and CAUS is going a step further than simply offering resuable products.

With each CAUS product you purchase, you are empowering one of four charities to do important work. We’re starting with their Pet Rescue & Adoption line, where 25% of proceeds go to the Red Rover organization.

Cut down on your plastic use and help support animals in need - stop by and pick one up today!